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What to expect from my prints:

My prints have been used by many to decorate various rooms in their homes including
children's rooms.
When you purchase any of my prints you will receive your order by
Priority mail.
The package will be as follow:

Priority mail cardboard box
Inside the box will be another flat envelope containing the print(s)
the cost to you is the print(s) price plus the flat rate
for United State Postal Service "Priority Mail" of $3.95 regardless of the number of prints.
In case of damage to the print(s) during shipment
they will be replaced at no additional cost.


Form of Payment:

The form of payment will be either money order or personal check.
With money order payment, the print(s) will be shipped the same day,
while a personal check will take about 3-4 business
days for the bank to clear it.
Credit cards payment will be available on the future.

What will you get::

The print itself will be made on high quality computer photographic paper, printed
at a resolution that will give you the same visual result as and hand made painting.
Your job is to find the apropriate frame that will enhance the value and apretiation
of your purchase.

It will adorn your walls and please
your eyes. Remember art is forever.

FZeri Design Art Show

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