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Above is a small detail of one of my prints

Above is a small detail of one of my prints
What should you expect when entering this site:
bulletVisit the art gallery of an Italian Artist.
bulletYou can sit, relax and enjoy the show.
bulletYou can purchase any of Francesco Zeri's  prints.
bulletReceive a free print for every 3 prints you buy.
bulletReceive a free print by referring this site to a friend.
bulletYou will want to come back to see more prints being added weekly.
bulletYou can safely enjoy this gallery with your children

To enter my Art Gallery you will need at least Flash Player version 4. If you are not sure you have it installed, enter the site and you can upgrade automatically in 1 minute.
Also since you probably are an Art-lover this site has been made with the best possible compromise between visual quality and size of each file, the result means each image will load fast, will be of good quality but it will also be of a rather large format on your screen, so to see it all without scrolling it is best viewed at a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels.

for the Gallery

Another truly great Italian artist
Cristiano Rimassa who left us
in Jan 2006

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